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Saturday Story Hour

The first Saturday of every month
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1. Story hour can help develop a child's imagination, creativity, and attention span.
2. Story hour provides a fun and educational environment for children to learn and interact with other children.
3. Story hour teaches children important life lessons, such as the importance of friendship and kindness.
4. Story hour can help introduce children to new cultures and languages.
5. Story hour can help build language, literacy, and listening skills.
6. Story hour can help children develop a lifelong love for reading.
7. Story hour can help children become familiar with different genres of literature.
8. Story hour can help children develop a sense of curiosity and exploration of the world around them.
9. Story hour can provide children with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss stories with their peers.
10. Story hour can provide parents with a necessary break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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